There are many exciting classes to choose from as you venture into the world of Polaris, but choose carefully!
A player's class is shown by an asterisk (*) tattoo that changes color according to the chart below. ALL players have a tattoo, though where it may be varies from player to player.

Neophyte: You have just been welcomed into the world of Polaris Online. Your first class would be the Neophyte--although, it's not a strong class it has the most potential in the game. This is the beginner class. You can turn into any of the first classes.


Cleric: The healer class of the game. They use maces or staffs. Cleric can turn into an Exorcist or a Necromancer.

-Exorcist: They are the main support class of the game. They use healing and supportive magic and have strong effects against demons. They use books, staffs, and maces.

-Necromancer: Necromancers are a control class, using dark magic to manipulate puppets and the undead. Because they control monsters to do their own bidding and retain the healing skills they had from a Cleric, they are a very formidable opponent. They use books, scrolls, and puppets as weapons.


Fencer: They are the offensive class in the game. They rely on bravery and brute strength to carry them on. Although swords are obviously their specialties--they can also wield axes, daggers, and maces. They can either become a Protector or a Knight.

-Protector: A Protector has the highest defense in the game, armed with shields and spears. They are one of the best classes to lead a party because they can endure many hits.

-Knights: Knights have the highest damage potential and can wield one-handed and two-handed swords. They are powerful attackers with high defense and are usually chosen to lead a party into battle. Their choices of weapons are swords, axes, spears, and maces.


Enchanter: Enchanters rely on elemental magic and have very low defense due to always studying instead of exercising. They use books and staffs. They can either turn into a Summoner or a Warlock/Witch.

-Summoner: Summoners have the capability to call forth creatures of different elements. They fight along side their creatures with the skills they kept as an Enchanter. They use books, staffs, and whistles. When they summon a monster, they themselves are rather idle and thus vulnerable as they must concentrate on controlling their creatures.

-Warlock/Witch: This class can cast extremely powerful spells that range from offensive to status altering. Their weapons can range from brooms, books, and staffs, and elemental rings.


Ranger: They are the archer class of the game. Although they have low defense, they can shoot fast from far away, which gives them a good advantage. They use bows and arrows. They can turn into either a Seeker or Marksman.

-Seeker: Seekers are most skilled in archery and in detecting hidden treasures. They can use traps, whistles, bombs, and bows and arrows. (You can only have one companion at a time, a bird that can help you find and set traps.) Your beast ally is given to you upon turning to the class.

-Marksman: Marksmen use powerful crossbows and have allies of the forest on their side. They can use beast whistles and crossbows. (You can only have one companion at a time, usually a rather large beast that can be mounted, and also will assist you in battle.) Your beast ally is given to you upon turning to the class.


Bandits: They are the most agile class in the game. They rely more on speed than power and are slick enough to steal goods from monsters. They can turn into a Trickster or a Slayer.

-Trickster: Tricksters are fast and acrobatic, but they prefer to use long ranged weapons. Their choices of weapons are yoyos, throwing knives, boomerangs, chakrams, bombs, and slingshots.

-Slayers: This class has the ability to create different types of poisons. They can use daggers, chakrams, katars, and sais.


Fighters: Fighters likes hands-on combat so they fight with their fists. Their weapons of choice are tonfas and knuckles. They can turn into either the Gladiator or Master class.

-Gladiators: This class relies on brute force and is one of the more powerful classes in the game. Although they hit slow, they make up for with their incredible strength in their punches and kicks. They use tonfas and knuckles as weapons.

-Masters: They rely more on karate skills and are less powerful than Gladiators but to compensate for their strength they have a faster hit rate. Masters can use nunchucks, and tonfas.

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